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A Dictionary of Business & Management 4 edition / Словарь бизнеса и управления

A Dictionary of Business & Management 4 edition / Словарь бизнеса и управления
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Автор: Pallister John, Law Jonathan
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год издания: 2006
ISBN: 0192806483, 9780192806482
Количество страниц: 576
974,6 руб.
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"The Dictionary of Business and Management" is a wide-ranging and informative guide to all areas of business. It features up-to-date coverage of over 6,700 terms from marketing to taxation and accounting, business strategy and international finance. US business terms are covered, as well as financial jargon. The new, fourth edition of this established bestseller has been updated to include terms relating to human resources and management, reflecting the growing focus on these areas in modern business. New entries include management concepts (e.g. competence, knowledge management), and named theories (e.g. Tannenbaum and Schmidt, Blake and Mouton). It also covers new terms from fast-changing fields such as current affairs (covering terms such as Private finance initiative and private-public partnership), and Internet business (including terms such as bricks-and-clicks, B2B and viral marketing). In addition to these areas, coverage of social psychology as it relates to management has been expanded, and now covers concepts such as group task theory, group productivity theory, role theory, and leadership theory. Written by a specialized team of contributors in a clear and accessible style, the dictionary will prove indispensable to both business students and professionals.

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